Art & Consistency

Support art for less than a cup of coffee. 

My work went to the next level shortly after ready Mason Currey's book "Daily Rituals." This book caused a paradigm shift in my work. To read about so many people in history and their idiosyncrasies and how important it was to them in their work made me feel great about the weird things that I need in order to make the greatest work that I can. Also, learning about how they continually worked at their crafts and the drawbacks of some of their rituals give me the insight that I needed to get into a head space to push more new and interesting work.

The outcome is my daily routine that's allowed me to continually work without ever confronting a creative block.

  • Day starts at 3:45 am
  • 1 cup of caffeine (zip fix) overfilled with ice
  • Start work in my studio with (two sticks of incense, radio playing, books open on the ground, a clean pallet, and lots of light).
  • Work until 6:15
  • Head to the gym swim for 30 minutes
  • Mediate in the steam room for fifteen minutes
  • Head home at 7 and spend the next hour getting ready with my family until they leave at 8:15
  • Answer emails from 9-10:15
  • Go back to painting from 11-3
  • Nap a 3
  • Meditate again for 15
  • Read from 4-5
  • Evenings are open for family, no phones
  • Back from more steam 8:30
  • Bed at 11-12

This allows me to treat art exactly as I would a full- time job and continue pushing out new work.

I highly recommend checking out this book no matter the industry your in.