Fixated Painting Series

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It all began when I grabbed Jean Michaels Book "Basquiat" at the library.

This book was a lightening bolt of inspiration which was followed up with return visits to grab books by Jacob Lawrence, Lichtenstein and Picasso. I was holding the universe and it was time to tame the cosmos. With everything strum about on my studio floor I pulled out three different sized canvases and wrote a message to myself on the wall, "DON'T COPY." 

What happened next was a four day painting marathon where I worked on one piece after another and combed for as much information to put on the painting as possible. I was determined to get every single idea I had on the canvas off. The results were a series of 8bit meets high fidelity collages addressing art history, fashion, music, and media.

                                                   Fixated (36X48) Acrylic, Oil, Canvas

                                                  Fixated (36X48) Acrylic, Oil, Canvas

The largest piece is a pictorial representations of popular artist ranging from Jay-Z, Kanye, George Condo, Run The Jewels, and many more artist.

I followed that up with two more piece in the same vein, high energy, popular art, and performance. This piece included the artists behind the idea Jean Michael and also included Shantell Martin, who I discovered while looking through images one evening.

The last piece I made was a bit more calm and included a large piece dedicated to my two favorite artist Matisse and Marina Abramovic who were both a beacon of inspiration around my piece BLISS.

                                                    Fixated (12X24) Acrylic, Oil, Canvas

                                                    Fixated (12X24) Acrylic, Oil, Canvas

I also through a Rothko piece in behind the Caravaggio. I loved making this series. I've never made that many pieces that fast. Oh the things real inspiration can do for you.

After completing the piece, I also did a video explanation of the how and why for the series which can be viewed here.