Combination Paintings: Shaded, Untilted 21, Untitled 26 and Stamped Out

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Paint alone doesn't seem to be doing it for me these days. I want to add more and more and just keeping putting everything on canvas. There's really nothing that I can't turn into art these days.

I've recently been frustrated with the amount of attention put into faces in art. Personally, I think we get to caught up in the face and disregard all of the beauty that lies around it so I started making a series of painting of men that have their faces removed. I've combined every day objects with the portraits revealing new stories about the pieces. 

This portrait contains roofing material, wood skewer sticks and a branch. 

This image has a fan that I collected during a writing trip to Hawaii where I created a number of works from every day material. It also has wood skewer sticks.

This piece was created with red tape and plaster.

This piece combines wood panel, plaster and clay.

Untitled 21

Untitled 21

Expect more over soon.