Book Release: Oh What Wonderful Hair

Two years, tons of different hairstyles, nonstop laughter, and a bunch or illustrations and it's finished. I'm super stoked to announce that Oh What Wonderful Hair is complete and available for order on Amazon.

This book has been an absolute blast to make. My daughters hair is a constant subject in conversations and is one of her best/least favorite activities to do at home. I'm not sure of the exact day that I said that I wanted to make a book about it, but I do remember the day that I wanted to write a poem about her hair that I could recite whenever she was upset while getting it done.


Over the past couple years I actually lost the story twice. One day I wrote it while on the bus on the way to work on a sketch pad. Over time the pencil that I wrote it in faded away and I could no longer read it. A year later I typed it in my phone, saved it as a draft, then later deleted it because I did not title the draft. Seven weeks ago when I stepped away from my full-time job to pursue art as a career I sat in my studio and wrote everything in a day which ended being vastly different from the first two stories. From there I made 36 sketches of how I wanted the pages to look and slowly made them into higher quality ones.

I made a short video of me creating some of the different hairstyles in the book. Each hairstyle gets named after a different animal or food. We'll often combine styles making funny names like Pineapple Snakes.

Get your copy on Amazon and drop me a note letting me know what you think of it.