Out Of Sight Reviews


I was recently given the opportunity of my life where I was invited to show work at the satellite exhibition Out Of Sight during Seattle Art Fair. This was such an awesome opportunity and lead to a first time event in my life where I had someone write about my work. The pieces that included in the show where part of the combination series that I recently began. 

I'm beyond grateful for the kinds words given by The Stranger and City Arts regarding my pieces. 




Out of Sight, Into Mind: Art On the Margins of the Seattle Art Fair. 

"Barry Johnson is a visual artist who works in painting, sculpture, video art, installation, and illustration. Most recently, he's been working on a series of paintings of men who have their faces obscured by various compositional devices—an artful crop here, a strategically draped hoodie there, or even a framed picture-within-a-picture affixed to the painting, almost humorously calling attention to its own role in the obfuscation.

Instead of seeing faces, we are given sumptuous pastel color fields and decorative arrays of found objects that hint at narratives. Untitled 26 incorporates roofing materials, skewer sticks, and a painted segment of a branch, all positioned behind the back of a figure rendered in house paint with loose, confident strokes. The resulting image is simultaneously mysterious and familiar; anonymous and specific. There is a strength in this tension that makes me curious to see more of Johnson's work." -Emily Pothast

Out of Sight Is Big, Beautiful and Bright

Barry Johnson’s portraits of men in profile, set against bubblegum pink or baby-blue backgrounds, leave us yearning for what's left unseen. Johnson [disclosure: Johnson also works for City Arts] omits the most intriguing parts, leaving faces out of frame, or at times literally veiled by objects like a folding fan that's been affixed directly to the canvas. -Margo Vansynghel