The Opening Night Of My Life

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Working full-time as a professional artist, 35 hours a week I'm in my studio working alone and questioning if what ever it is I'm making is alright, let alone good. Whenever a piece ends up at an event or gallery, I get that moment to know that I am indeed moving in the right direction and to keep pushing. It's not the need for confirmation to continue working, I don't need that. It's about the vulnerability of letting people witness your innermost thoughts and providing them with the opportunity to say, "this looks like shit."

I recently able to experience one of my greatest moments outside of my studio when I was notified that a mural that I had painted was chosen to be a part of Bombay Sapphires Artisan series and that I was a regional finalist.


Being chosen as a finalist wasn't the part I was blown away by. It came in the way of the opening night at the galley. People everywhere, models, bottles, music, and everyone there walking by looking at my piece. Finally, I get to experience a small iota of exposure as a visual artist. What a night. This evening gave me everything I needed to create more thought-provoking, powerful pieces. in a masterful manner. I didn't win, and wasn't there hoping too, but that evening solidified my thoughts of where I'm going in art.

Nothing left to do now, but groove on.