The Problem With "I Don't Sleep"

One time for Ye

Throughout history it's been said in so many different ways, but the message is clear. Don't sleep, there's too much that needs to be done and you're missing out that moment that you look at the back of your eyelids. As a student of hip hop, I've been living under this mantra since I first heard Nas say it. There are studies that supports creativity due to lack of sleep and in a world that's moving faster than ever and with digital providing a constant link between audience and brand, it's expected that there's always more, but all this comes at a dramatic cost.

It was sucked to hear that Kanye was hospitalized due to exhaustion and dehydration. Long before this happened I'd talk with my boys about the amount of things he was doing simultaneously and would question at what point it would catch up with him. Dave Chappelle talked of when Martin Lawrence experienced a breakdown down to exhaustion in the 90's and commented how, when he went to see him at the hospital that Martin told him that he, "got the best sleep of his life." We've always asked more out of people than what they're capable of with zero regard for what it does to them.

Personally, I've had some truly powerful creative booms during long periods without sleep. I made Insomnia on the spot over four days with little sleep. The after effects were gnarly though and it caused me to rethink my daily routine in order to continually experience creative highs without the harsh downsides of extreme depression and anxiety. Now I employ Polyphasic sleep cycles to maximize my work output while never experiencing depression how I historically did.

Many performers aside from Ye have experienced the drawbacks of a no sleep mentality.

Lil Wayne has repeatedly had seizures which could be attributed to him having epilepsy, and could also be due to no sleep.

Prince recently passed and it's reported that he too suffered from epilepsy and experienced health problems from staying awake for long periods of time.

Michael Jackson also reportedly went long periods without sleep and would need medication to combat his insomnia.

Suppress the need to suffer from FOMO. Lack of sleep, anxiety, and large amounts of work is crippling and will have you burning both ends of the candle over time.

Long periods of no sleep also really help to expedite the aging process and will quickly have you out of your mind.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Body

If you're looking to stay sharp and don't want to lose out, look into Polyphasic sleeping. You'll be able to work for longer periods of time without risking your health.

Stay woke