Why I Gave Away Art

"As soon as you become good at drawing with your left hand, immediately switch to your right."

I've been working feverishly on project after project across multiple mediums. I've fallen in love with the concept of concept art. Each project is approached in a different way with no real high expectation of the outcome. Just wanting to simply make something awesome.

To keep my work fresh and new, I recently decided that with each person that signs up for my newsletter, I'll mail them a piece of art for free with the style that you prefer. This exercise is great as it keeps me in so many different forms of art. I'll get emails requesting pop, surreal, hyper-reastic and everything else. I take one morning out of the week to fulfill all of the request and send them out with a hand-written note thanking the person for signing up and challenging me to make something on the fly for them.

The art comes in the way of postcards, is signed and has a handwritten message on the back of them.

I'll keep this practice up and don't have any plans on stopping it.

If you want a piece you can sign-up below and you'll get a note from me with a request for your preferred style and mailing address. Try it out.



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