I am not an artist
I am not a painter, sculptor, filmmaker, or content creator.
Everything I've made was done so to maintain my sanity and health.
Not creating physically pains me.
All work is a response to what's happening across my mind and the world.
It's not Pop, abstract, surreal, or modern. It's a cultural response.
I don't follow art trends or create pieces solely to gain a following.
One "like," comment, or follow is no different than a million.
I wake up to work between two and seven in the morning because I feel the highest amount of peace and tension then.
Working on an empty stomach for long stretches with little sleep is my preferred method.

On Giving:
Providing support to local artist allows me to continue making new and interesting works in the way of murals, visuals, films, books, and sculptures. All donations will go towards supplies and maintaining a studio. Donations will receives limited edition prints, recognition in print material, and array of other gifts. You can support here, or visit my Patreon page.

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