Drop me a note info@barryjohnson.co

Drop me a note info@barryjohnson.co

I started creating as a way to find my place on earth. My first happy memory is connected to an art competition that I won as a kid. I choose to work across all mediums because it gives me the opportunity to live multiple lives. I wake up and start in my studio everyday at four in the morning because it's the time that I fell the most calm and anxious.

I create because:

  • I'm a shipwreck
  • I'm brave enough to not have a guard
  • I've never experienced comfort
  • I don't want to die with "what if's"
  • I don't go out in search of approval
  • With each piece I create, I feel more connected
  • I'm afraid somebody else will if I don't
  • Normalcy equals death

I create not because I choose to, but because I have to.

Investing in a dream:
Your support allows me to continue making my dream a reality. This is all that I ever wanted to do. All proceeds go to studio materials and recording equipment for online lessons. You can support here, or visit my Patreon page.

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