Artist Spotlight: barry johnson

The idea of “real artists” is funny to me. If you’re creating, putting thought into your work and pushing out product regularly, you’re an artist. In a public forum, we’ve created a negative idea around an artist on their pursuit and we also pick-up and simultaneously put down, a working artist.

ESU alum celebrates diversity through art

A former Emporia State University student has been making a name for himself by exploring race, culture and identity through art.

Kansas boy at heart: Topeka-raised artist represents hometown wherever he goes

Becoming a successful artist can be a difficult goal to achieve.

Reaching Down, Rising Up art exhibit commemorates National Black HIV/AIDS awareness

barry johnson showcases painting “Un­titled #34,” a beautiful and awe-in­spiring portrait of a black man. “Untitled #34” uses the weight of heavy, fragmented tiles to emphasize the barriers of being seen and ac­cepted in the dominant culture as a black man.

A F.I.N.E. gallery

barry johnson, a multimedia artist in his mid-thirties and a recent Ted Talk speaker, only in the last six years made the switch from high powered tech professional to self-taught artist. Yet, you would think he had done this all of his life judging by the quality of his work.

I’m F.I.N.E Barry Johnson at 950 Gallery

Barry Johnson's paintings at 950 Gallery are unlike art seen anywhere else in Tacoma.

950 Gallery shows work of artist on the brink of the big time

A one-man show of johnson’s work is now running at Tacoma’s 950 Gallery. Called “I’m F.I.N.E.,” the exhibit runs through Dec. 20. The show is a display of johnson’s paintings, but the artist’s addition of accents and quotes and a mural painted directly onto the gallery’s walls and columns transform the space into a holistic installation.

#MEFeature: barry johnson, Not One for the Clout

At 30 years old, barry johnson made a life-changing decision to become a full-time professional artist.

Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship - Barry Johnson, Marilyn Montufar

The Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship aims to amplify the work of underrepresented artists of color and equip them with education and tools that will help them progress to the next level in their professional journeys.

TEDxSeattle: Speakers Announced

A tall order, by definition, is demanding. A significant, and potentially unreachable, challenge. Looking to the past, we can find wildly successful tall orders. Some may even seem small viewed through the lens of today’s challenges.

Artist of the week: barry johnson

Everything and I mean that. Conversations, things I see, listen to, read about, everything will find some way into my work.

Breaking Boundaries: The many faces of artist barry johnson

Seven days a week, like clockwork, he begins his day working on several projects at a time while many of us are catching our final hours of rest.

Out of Sight,’ a visionary show of PNW fine art

Multidisciplinary artist Barry Johnson is one of 109 artists with work in the show. His three mixed-media portraits show Black men with their faces obscured. Inspiration for “Shaded,” “Phases” and “Untitled 26” came from a group art exhibition produced by Onyx Fine Arts called “Truth B Told,” which focused on artists of African descent telling their own story. Johnson is furthering the narrative.

Your {___} Neighborhood explores gentrification in Seattle

A discussion with Barry Johnson and Wesley Fruge about an upcoming show featuring 20 artists focused on gentrification.

Interview: Black Stax speaks to ‘Black Lives Matter’ through active music

"Barry Johnson, visual artist, director/producer of Sonic Painting, reached out to us and wanted to do something with music, but didn't want it to be typical. We shot him “Loyalty is Royalty,” we met with him and Aaron Anderson, who is a dope videographer! And, shortly thereafter, you have this visual presentation of “Loyalty is Royalty” in a Sonic Painting. "

2016/2017 Civil Rights, Utilities, Economic Development & Arts Committee

A discussion with Seattle City Council about artwork created by Barry Johnson. 

Out of Sight, Into Mind: Art On the Margins of the Seattle Art Fair.

Barry Johnson is a visual artist who works in painting, sculpture, video art, installation, and illustration. Most recently, he's been working on a series of paintings of men who have their faces obscured by various compositional devices—an artful crop here, a strategically draped hoodie there, or even a framed picture-within-a-picture affixed to the painting, almost humorously calling attention to its own role in the obfuscation.

Out of Sight Is Big, Beautiful and Bright

Barry Johnson’s portraits of men in profile, set against bubblegum pink or baby-blue backgrounds, leave us yearning for what's left unseen. Johnson omits the most intriguing parts, leaving faces out of frame, or at times literally veiled by objects like a folding fan that's been affixed directly to the canvas.

Review: ‘Out of Sight’ offers a good look at Pacific Northwest art scene

The region’s exceptional painters are in full force, with powerful work by Barry Johnson